Mas Santo Candle


Mas Santo Candle

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A fresh, light and uplifting blend evoking a long summer afternoon on a Spanish hillside, where wild tomato vines grow against sun-dappled walls. Herb garden scents of basil and bay leaf mingle with citrus notes of lemon rind and petitgrain. A soft breeze from a nearby forest brings with it the aroma of woody Atlas cedar.

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  • All our candles are handmade in small batches at our London studio using high-quality ingredients and principles rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Scent: Citrus/ Fresh
  • Burn time: Approx 45 hours
  • Top notes: Lemon Rind, Basil, Petitgrain
  • Middle notes: Tomato Vine, Bay Leaf
  • Base notes: Atlas Cedar
  • A natural blend of coconut and soy wax, scented with natural essential oils and phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oils. Finished off with a cotton wick. The balancing combination of cedarwood and patchouli helps relieve stress and tension with grounding effects on your emotions.

About Homework

Homework is a natural, purpose-driven skincare and innocuous home fragrance brand, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the healing power of nature. Living in harmony with the planet, using high-quality natural botanical ingredients, with minimalist packaging. With a background in design and having grown up around TCM, homework founder, Stephanie Hannington-Suen, wanted to use her experience to create a collection of products that apply a modern approach to ancient Chinese philosophy to help you find balance.