MR Studio Hydrangea Gold Card


MR Studio Hydrangea Gold Card

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One-off cards using real pressed hydrangea, gilded with real gold leaf details. This is a very limited edition for this year’s festive season, made using repurposed off-cuts of grey paper.
Made on 300gsm sustainably produced card stock.

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  • Size: 12 x 12 cm
  • Blank Inside
  • Brown Kraft Envelope Included

About MR Studio London

The things they create at MR Studio London are an extension of ideas that relate to their work as artists over the years and have naturally developed out of their current home and surroundings in London. Their work now generally comes from closely watching and interacting with nature as it subtly changes and grows in the area around their home. Selecting and rearranging elements of flowers/foliage that they find, playing with scale and combinations, the work they create becomes a documentation of place and time as well as a poetic way to work with the landscape. They love especially to find inspiration or materials in unexpected cracks and corners- like flowers growing out of crumbling walls or bits of the forest creeping into neglected alleyways. It feels really rewarding to turn something that would be mostly overlooked into something beautiful that can be kept and cherished.