Palo Santo Natural Atmosphere Mist – 100ml


Palo Santo Natural Atmosphere Mist – 100ml

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Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Sacred Space Spray, made with the precious medicinal scent of pure Palo Santo essential oil. This mist is blended with complimentary organic distillations of forest barks such as Himalayan Cedarwood and Juniper to uplift and attune.

The distillations of forest barks, leaves and stems, are all plant allies, that combined, embody the purification of body mind and spirit.

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  • Ethically Sourced (MAGAP Ecuador)
  • Free from any synthetic or animal ingredients
  • Violet Glass spray bottle
  • Available in 50ml or 100ml

About UME

UME produce premium-grade natural incense sticks and handmade incense holders. As well as pure botanical atmosphere mists and oils. They select pure plant ingredients from unpolluted areas to make their incense. The incense sticks contain only ground seeds, herbs, precious bark, resins and roots. Pure ingredients that come directly from the source of nature. They trust you will enjoy the many therapeutic benefits these plant ingredients can bring into your sacred spaces.