Raw Incense Sweetgrass Braid


Raw Incense Sweetgrass Braid

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Sweetgrass is a sacred herb of Native Tribes across the USA & Canada as it is thought to bring in ‘good energy’ to a space or ceremony. It has a beautiful fresh grassy scent, which is unusual, and uplifting and lasts for hours in space. The natives primarily burn this sacred, native grass as part of a sacred ceremony to usher in good energy

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  • Gathered by indigenous people in Canada who offer these braids for sale

About UME

UME produce premium-grade natural incense sticks and handmade incense holders. As well as pure botanical atmosphere mists and oils. They select pure plant ingredients from unpolluted areas to make their incense. The incense sticks contain only ground seeds, herbs, precious bark, resins and roots. Pure ingredients that come directly from the source of nature. They trust you will enjoy the many therapeutic benefits these plant ingredients can bring into your sacred spaces.