Sentei Garden Scissors


Sentei Garden Scissors

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Fab little garden scissors, absolutely brilliant for cutting flowers, dead-heading and light pruning, as well as for pottering about aimlessly looking for something to snip.
Sharp, precise blades make for satisfying, clean cuts on softer green stems, as well as being beefy enough to cut through woodier stems up to around pencil thickness.
The traditional round handles are easy to grab, comfy to hold and allow for the perfect sensitivity of delicate and accurate cuts, combined with great grip for more substantial stuff. They’re fairly small, perfect for smaller hands and jobs in the garden and the home.

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  • 172 x 102 x 17mm
  • 188g
  • KA-70 Carbon Steel

About Niwaki

Almost everything in the Niwaki range is what the owners use themselves. Jake’s first day of pine pruning in Osaka, he was given a pair of garden scissors, still sharp as anything, more than a decade later. Brother-in-law Haruyasu bought Jake his first pair of Japanese shears, and he’s rarely used anything else since. Keiko uses her garden scissors in the house to cut flowers – she never cleans them, they go rusty, and Jake has to revive them, but they’re still working. Grandpa reaches for his trusty pruning saw when he wanders off to reap havoc in the woodland… It’s all good stuff, and they’re proud of it.