Sevin London Marble Black Candle Small


 Sevin London Marble Black Candle Small

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Our Marble Black Scented Candle releases floral scent of clove buds with a subtle note of oud and bergamot.

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  • Natural, Handmade, Vegan, Cotton Wick.
  • 270g
  • 40 hours of burning time

About Sevin

Inspired by what nature has to offer, Sevin London lets you indulge in the best quality well-being products. The brand’s founder, Sevin Ersin, discovered during her travels the magical abundance of colours, fragrances and extraordinary ingredients, which transform a daily routine into a heavenly treat. Her passion lies in creating a perfect atmosphere through stunningly crafted pieces, which go beyond conventional beauty and lifestyle products as they awaken all your senses: relaxing your mind, body and soul.