Slotted Olive Spoon, Coconut Palm Wood


Slotted Olive Spoon, Coconut Palm Wood

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A special little wooden spoon can be a useful tool if you often find yourself digging into a pickle or olive jar.
Designed with a small hole in the spoon end, this practical utensil will allow you to pluck out your favourite treat while draining away excess liquid.

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  • Beautifully hand-crafted from renewable and sustainable coconut palm wood.
  • 15cm (length) x 4cm (widest point)

About Nom Living

Nom Living is a London-based company that works directly with artisans in South East Asia to create sustainable, functional and contemporary objects for the home. Their products are designed in the UK and hand-crafted in Vietnam and Cambodia. They take great pride in preserving traditional methods of production, in many cases using practices that have been passed down generations, but which are often overlooked. Nom Living believes handcrafted products have an inherent individuality, with unique differences revealing how they have been made, setting them apart from mass-produced items.